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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dreams and Charitable Donations

Nelson had a game tonight.  It was really good even though we did lose by 1 point.  It was SO close!!  He got hit by the ball twice while at bat and was so tough.  Nelson's dream is to be a major league pitcher.  Tonight for the first time, he got to pitch during a game.  I was SO excited and nervous for him.  And bless his heart, he was SO nervous, too!  He only got to pitch to 2 or 3 players and walked them all but hey... that's a step towards his goal and I am SO proud!  He does really well during practice so I know he'll do better during future games.  He is so driven and works so hard! 

My parents (dad and step-dad, lol) drove in to watch so that was cool too.  My dad, aka Papaw, sent Henry to the concession stand with a $5 bill to buy a drink for himself.  He came back with no change....and the drink just cost a buck.  Where did the other $4 go?  To a pretty little girl saving money for cheer camp. Yup.  That's my Henry.  Girl crazy and generous... with other people's money! Ha!

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