Photo by Chunky Monkey Photography

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Growing Up

Normally for halloween we have friends over and cookout and make a quick stop at our church festival before going back home to scare all the trick or treaters. Our huge porch gets closed in and transformed into the haunted porch. It's a huge hit and our two oldest love it. Well this year we didn't get around to getting things done in time so we spent some time at the church festival then went home to pass out candy and eat with some friends. We were bombarded with trick or treaters before we even got out of the van. I have to say, I'm dissapointed in the way some people let their kids behave (seriously, we were getting attacked!), and even more dissapointed that even some of the parents were pushy and rude. It's candy people. Relax. Anyway, the boys were really dissapointed that we didn't have the haunted porch but they all (even the littles) had fun at the church. Our oldest, Nelson aka HotShot, is starting to change though..... grow up I suppose. He was suddenly embarrassed by his costume when we unloaded from the van at church. He and Henry were both ninja's with slightly different costumes. I'm not sure if he felt the costume wasn't good enough, babyish, or if he suddenly didn't like matching Henry. Either way it's a sign that he's growing up and I don't like it! There are positives to him growing up but man.... I wish I could keep them all little forever.

What are some signs your kids have showed that they are growing up? Did it make you a little bit sad, too?