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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Curriculum Ordered!

We were unable to attend the homeschool book fair so I missed out on the seminars I was hoping to attend.   Thankfully I was already confident in my decisions on what curriculum to order.  I JUST placed our orders and I cannot wait for it all to arrive so we can sort through it and get our plan in order. I am really excited!  I have got to get busy decluttering our office/school room so we will have room for the 100+ books that will be arriving!  That's a lot of books.  (That count includes my instructor guides and their workbooks.) 
Nelson is going in to 5th grade and Henry 2nd.  Henry is old enough to be going in to 3rd and is a quick learner so we ordered the core that is for ages 8-11 (3rd-5th grades).  They will be learning about the same things when it comes to History, Geography, & Bible but they'll have different work to do over what they learn and I'll have a different set of expectations for them each.  I did order some of their curriculum grade specific.  Here is a list:

From Sonlight
  • Core D Advanced 5 day - this includes Readers & Language Arts (for Nelson), History & Geography, and Bible
  • 2nd grade readers and language arts (for Henry)
  • Singapore 5 Math Program - Nelson
  • Singapore 2 Math Program - Henry
  • Sequential Spelling, Vol 1 - Both
  • Handwriting Without Tears Package 5 - Nelson
  • Handwriting Without Tears Package 2 - Henry
  • Required Resources
  • Extra consumables for the things they'll both be doing.
From Apologia's elementary science curriculum:
  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy - Both
  • Astronomy Notebooking Journal - Nelson
  • Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal - Henry

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