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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Decisions Decisions

We've made a decision on which curriculum to go with.  Based on recommendations, my internet research, quality, ease of use (lesson plans/instructor guides), and style (lots of good reading) we are going to use Sonlight for our core.  We are going to order one set that is closer to Nelson's level and use for both.  This will make things more streamlined for me which is important for our first year since I'll be learning the ropes... you know, juggling school, a 3 year old and a 1 year old and all the other daily household fun. :)  We will order math, handwriting, and language arts specific to their grade levels. 

While they both tested well above their grade level on reading, we are going to go with their actual grade level for their readers because the language arts ties in with the readers and that is specific to their grade level.  For any extra or fun reading they will get to read things on their actual reading levels... or close to depending on content.  I'm not sure there are many things on a 9th/10th grade level that I want my 5th grader reading! 

I am pretty sure they are right on target for math but we're taking assessments for this too just in case.  It's a long test and with baseball going on, we haven't had the time to finish them yet!  But, Singapore math is what we're going with.

When it comes to science I am not sure if we'll use Sonlight or Apologia.  We want to make sure they learn science based on creation ... biblical ... but do not plan to shelter them from more worldy views of how we all began. 

So... that is where we're at!  I am looking forward to placing their order so I can have time to look things over and get an idea of how this is all really going to work!  Our summer isn't going to be as long as normal because we'll be starting school when it's 110 outside and no one wants to be out in it!  It won't be full time because we want to play and go to waterparks with our friends but this way, when we don't have plans we can get some school work done and then have time during the fall and spring to take off and do outdoor things when it's nice out.  (how's that for a long runon sentence?) Plus I'm trying to talk James in to a road trip in February! 



  1. Sounds like you have it all figured out! I LOVE that you are doing this, and I'm so excited to read about yalls journey!

  2. Sounds great! Grace and Charity's science taught creation, but gave the worldly views, too. Are you still going to the book fair since you already know what you are ordering?

    1. I still want to just so I can be 100% sure. I just need to figure out childcare for Henry because he has a baseball game. :(

  3. I think you'll love Sonlight. I did Winterpromise (very similar to Sonlight) for a few years and we loved it. So many great books!