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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicken Sandwiches and Brownies

I just ate possible the best chicken sandwich.  Ever.  I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman, HERE.  It was tender and juicy.  The crunch and tang from the slaw was a perfect compliment.  My only complaint? I overloaded my sandwich and had to use a fork to eat it.  But that's really not a complaint.  James' was bigger and he ate it just fine... he doesn't mind juice running down his elbows.   Doesn't this look good! 

I made something I saw a picture of on pinterest a few days ago.  We had leftovers of that for dessert today.  I don't know what the actual recipe is but based on the picture I saw, I just bought a package of cookie dough already portioned out.  Lined a pan with those, then layered oreos on top of that, then poured brownie batter on top of that.  I baked it according to the brownie directions.  Add a glass of cold whole milk and you have a pretty awesome dessert.  All 6 of us really enjoyed it! 

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