Photo by Chunky Monkey Photography

Monday, January 16, 2012

Toddler Moments

We are at that stage with CrackerJack where we aren't sure if it's worth going in public or not. You know... when your kids are at the age when they are testing their limits and figured out that really, the don't HAVE to do what you say. When your kid acts like that one you sat next to at Taco Bell 10 years before you had kids of your own and swore you'd never tolerate. Most days are really pretty good. Today... today was mostly good but we had "that" moment once.

The older boys were on a field trip to Chuck E Cheese with the church so I decided to make a playdate with friends for me and the littles at Chick Fil A. Cracker was really well behaved and ate his food well (as did his friend). He got to do a lot of playing in the play area. Then it was time to go. Thankfully my friend was there. She held my little Kashew while I tried in vain to put Cracker's socks and shoes back on. We took a break and went to the rest room for a good "talking to" and tried again. Back arched, stiff body and screaming he slid out of the chair and well, made it very difficult. I decided to pretend I was going to leave him there (he refuses to be away from me most of the time so I thought this would work). I grabbed Kash from my friend so she could round up her little one and told Cracker good bye. As I walked away, it turned in to violent kicking and screaming on the floor. A kind lady offered to help me but I reassured her that it wasn't necessary. I only made it about 5 steps before I went back to him and took him in to the play place where I felt it was okay to be loud. I gave Kash back to my friend and wrestled Cracker's socks and shoes on while he screamed and did the alligator roll. He still refused to follow me out so my friend carried him while her little one followed along so nicely. As we are walking towards the door, out of the blue her little one turned her drink upside down and poured it on the floor. Then threw the cup down and requested a refill. I couldn't help but laugh. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with toddler moments... moments that are unavoidable no matter how good a parent you are.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rooftop Adventure

Adventurous is one word I've always been able to use to describe Henry also known as Duck Feather (his own creation). He is never afraid to explore the unknown...even if the unknown is a 20ft high rooftop. He and Hotshot were watching tv while I cooked supper and James and another fireman were hanging gutters on our newly purchased antique house. The next thing I know, James is carrying DuckFeather in to the kitchen. James is white as a ghost and DuckFeather is full of excitement. Apparently he had let himelf out of a livingroom window, found the ladder unattended and climbed right up! Like 20+ feet up! James was on the ground on the other side of the houseand the other man was on the roof. He spotted DuckFeather halfway up and called out for James. Knowing that he would just move faster if he thought someone was in pursuit, James just ran around to the ladder and caled out to him casually. Well that didn't work. DuckFeather sped up and was making thr transition from ladder to rooftop. James was quickly at his heels and the other man scooped him up as he RAN ACROSS THE ROOF! At his daddy's expense, he was having the time of his life. He told me all about it in the kitchen. "Momma! Up! Roof! Again?" Boys and their adventures...