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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Growing Up

Normally for halloween we have friends over and cookout and make a quick stop at our church festival before going back home to scare all the trick or treaters. Our huge porch gets closed in and transformed into the haunted porch. It's a huge hit and our two oldest love it. Well this year we didn't get around to getting things done in time so we spent some time at the church festival then went home to pass out candy and eat with some friends. We were bombarded with trick or treaters before we even got out of the van. I have to say, I'm dissapointed in the way some people let their kids behave (seriously, we were getting attacked!), and even more dissapointed that even some of the parents were pushy and rude. It's candy people. Relax. Anyway, the boys were really dissapointed that we didn't have the haunted porch but they all (even the littles) had fun at the church. Our oldest, Nelson aka HotShot, is starting to change though..... grow up I suppose. He was suddenly embarrassed by his costume when we unloaded from the van at church. He and Henry were both ninja's with slightly different costumes. I'm not sure if he felt the costume wasn't good enough, babyish, or if he suddenly didn't like matching Henry. Either way it's a sign that he's growing up and I don't like it! There are positives to him growing up but man.... I wish I could keep them all little forever.

What are some signs your kids have showed that they are growing up? Did it make you a little bit sad, too?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Overnight Trip w/CD's

For the first time ever, we left Kasheroo (along with his brothers) overnight. It was at their great aunt's house who I trust more than anyone besides James of course. The cloth diapers were my biggest concern. I wanted it to go perfectly so she would have a good impression with them. I way overpacked - like an entire laundry basket full of diapers. You know, just in case. I'm an overpacker anyway. I packed every kind of diaper we own so she could decide what option she liked best... and plus I don't have enough of one specific style to make it the whole weekend. Aunt P is so relaxed and does just fine. No leaks or complaints. She was mostly concerned with sending me home with a load to wash. So sweet :) Oh, and of course he slept all night for her which he hasn't done for me in 2 weeks. CrackerJack slept with her and Uncle A and did the helicopter all night. He got to gather eggs the next morning and ate some for breakfast. The big boys enjoyed playing catch with their cousin and feeding the horses their carrot treats. All in all a great weekend. I'm so thankful for someone I can trust to love and care for my boys as well as I do... or even better... so James and I could enjoy ourselves without worrying.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baseball & Anniversary

First things first: I am a huge Rangers fan. So are the 5 boys. Yes, even the 4 month old. He and the 2 year old went to their first games at 2 months old. My 7 year old was closer to 1 and my 9 year old was a couple of years old. Needless to say, we go to a lot of games and we always take ALL the kids. It's great, clean, family fun. It helps that it's one sport that I actually know the rules to. Football... I know what a touchdown and a field goal is and that is it!

Back to baseball. There is something about hearing the bat crack against the ball, hearing the crowd cheer, seeing everyone (especially my boys) raise their gloves in hopes to catch that flying ball, that makes my heart smile. I love it. I also love watching mine play ball. We are in fall baseball right now and there is only 1 Saturday of games left. For the first, and probably last, time they are on the same team. It's really been a joy to watch them play together.

So, after their games this past Saturday, my husband and I drove the boys to Arlington and met my aunt and cousin. They took the boys home with them so we could..... GO WATCH OUR RANGERS WIN! That's right! We were at THE game. The 2011 ALCS Champs! Go Rangers! The energy in the crowd was awesome. The 3rd inning was SUPER awesome. The whole experience was just AWESOME! Have I said AWESOME enough yet? It was a blast. The best game ever. And a wonderful way to spend our 11 year anniversary together. It was one big party. You know what else was awesome? I slept like a rock the entire night for the first time in over a year. Wait, there's more. I got to sleep in for the first time in over a year. AND... it gets better. I was brought breakfast in bed by my husband for the first time.... ever. Instead of a fancy lunch date or massage or any other "grown up" activities we spent the rest of our date acting like kids again. Putt-putt miniature golf, batting cages - I totally surprised us both at how well I hit the ball, and the arcade. I loved the Dance Revolution game and was thrilled that James got up there and danced with me. It was fun!

Today we are back to reality. Work for the husband. School for the oldest two. Laundry and sock hunting for me. Naps, cartoons, and playtime for the littles. <3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


There's really not much to accessorizing for boys. It's not like with girls. No bows or frilly socks to match the applique on the shirt and nail polish. With boys its more like a couple pairs of shoes that match about everything, two belts that match everything. And no nail polish.... unless your a toddler and your bff is a 3 year old girl who got nail polish for her birthday. And daddy's at work so he can't say no. Anyway, accessorizing has been pretty boring until baby #4. He's in cloth diapers (there's a first time for everything!) and they are CUTE. I never want to hide them under pants so I do what I can to find shirts that are NOT onesies to wear with his diaper as an outfit. And now... now I have found BabyLegs. So even though it's cooling off outside, he can wear leg warmers with his diaper and cute matching socks instead of pants. Fun stuff! And seriously. They're cute. Have you seen "modern" cloth diapers? They come in all kinds of patterns and styles... not the diapers your grandma used. So now I get to have fun accessorizing someone! I just have to be careful since we chose cloth diapering this time around to save money. ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is That What I Think It Is?!

Boys... boys are what I know and love and... what I wanted. I knew from day one that I wanted a son. I was suppose to want a girl the second time around, and maybe I did a little but I was giddy when they said he would be another he. The third time... my husband and I both laughed and then said "phew, we know what to do." The fourth time, the sonographer was scared to say it. She didn't say it. We were all in the room (sons included) and I asked, "Is that what I think it is?!" We were shocked. We expected a girl. But we were happy to have another boy. People always expected us to want a girl and I thought I did at times but I was always relieved when the baby was a boy! I'm surrounded by dirt, unidentifiable scents and noises, adventure... and I'm showered with hugs and kisses. I really think I'm spoiled.