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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TAY goo

Tegu blocks caught my eye while Jack was a baby.  I couldn't justify the purchase at the time especially since I wasn't sure Nelson and Henry would be in to them.  I've looked at them online and watched for sales since then.  FINALLY Ecobabybuy had them on sale for almost half off a couple weeks ago.  I ordered a 52 piece set in Jungle.  So the day they arrived we opened them up and got busy.  I am wishing I had purchased more!  These blocks are awesome. They provide a great outlet for imagination and creativity.  Nelson, Henry, & Jack love them.  (kash loves to put them in his mouth).  I even had fun playing!  Now that I know how cool they are I would totally recommend purchasing them even at full price.  Besides being a really cool toy, Tegu is a great company.  The factory is in Honduras where 50% of the population live below poverty level.  They are providing jobs with good pay.  When you buy blocks, they plant trees to restore the forestry in Honduras that was destroyed in the 90's.  They also contribute to the education of many of the kids in Honduras.

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