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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Astronomy Day 1 and Other Stuff

We started school today. Just science...Astronomy. It was quick and easy and the boys enjoyed it. This text book is designed fo reach lesson to be stretched over a 2 week period doing doing science only twice a week. I am certain after today that we will do 1 lesson a week and then start on the next text as soon as we're done. I really liked how well the boys paid attention and absorbed the info with me reading aloud to them. Honestly i was surprised...pleasantly surprised. I honestly expected teaching Nelson to be difficult because A. He is very smart. B. He's at that age where he "knows everything" and can have a smart mouth at times. And C. He thinks he is a comedian and has been driving me batty. Or maybe I'm just hormonal. ;) but there were no problems. It was our first day so maybe God planned that out so I wouldn't get disouraged right away! Sometime between now and August 1st we will add in Math. I looked at it breifly this week but got scared! Math is my strongest subject and I understand it but have no idea how to explain it to a 2nd and 5 th grader. My book has it all laid out there butI need to actually read it in advance and can't jua tpick it up and go like we did the Astronomy. I mean I glanced through that but I don't need to do amy prep except for the last day in each lesson which is a project. Anyway, after that... either when all the public schools start or after Labor Day we will add the rest of the work in which is history, language arts, Bible which are all kind of tied together (for Nelson). Henry's language arts isnt tied in with the history like Nelsons but his Bible is part of hi slanguage arts. Oh, and we'll ad handwriting in then, too. They are going to hate that. If my boys wind up doctors they are going to be doctors with nice handwriting! ;) So that's are homeschool plan for now. I'd love any input. And prayers... I am not good with patience a lot of the time so that is something I really need to work on. Especially with Nelson. He is almost as tall as me, he's the oldest, and I have a hard time remembering he's still just a boy and I expect too much from him...typical for first borns from what I've heard...

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