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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Gramps is the name given to my step-dad, Cary, by my boys.  He married my mom a couple of weeks before I started 7th grade.  He helped my mom take great care of me and my brother, John.  Later, when my first son was born, he was retired so he took care of Nelson when I went back to work.  He loved Nelson so much and Nelson loved him.  When Nelson was just 9 months old, my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  She battled cancer off and on for 6 years all with Gramps by her side.  He was an amazing support and care taker.  She passed away in 2008 and Gramps' heart was broken.  Even after that, he came around all the time and while he was happy in the moment... watching kids play their sports, coming to birthday parties, coming for dinner and just to visit... you could still see the saddness in his eyes.  The only time I didn't see that sadness was when he was surrounded by (and completely distracted) his grandsons.

When they were around, you may as well forget having a conversation with him.  While had a few health problems, we never expected the phone call we received on Friday, July 13th.  That Gramps had passed away sometime in his sleep the night before.  His dear friend and landlord was who found him.  We were all shocked.  If you knew Gramps, you know he seemed much younger than he was. We all expected him to live for ever.  The kids were crushed, we... James, my brother, and our other siblings that he had from his previous marriage... we are all sad not to have him here with us.  But we are thankful that he is no longer trying to mend a broken heart or fighting any health issues.  We are thankful that he has once again been united with my mom and has gone home to be with our Savior.  We love and miss you, Gramps!!

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