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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Healthy Kids

We had an issue come up suddenly this week that required us to drive 2 and a half hours to a specialist who then informed us our 3 year old needed surgery the next day.  Insert panic here.  Seriously.  None of my kids have ever needed surgery or even been put to sleep for anything.. not even tonsils or ear tubes.  The closest thing we've had is a concious sedation for a tongue that needed 5 stitches.... yes that was traumatic.  So this was a BIG deal for us!  We were nervous.  My aunt Pam and cousin Allex met Jack and I at the doctor.  I told James not to worry about leaving work because it was going to be no big deal, get some meds, and come back home.  Well when the doctor announced what Jack's problem was (meatal stenosis) and what was going to be required to fix it we were shocked.  I couldn't think of a single question except "Are you SURE that's required? It won't correct itself?" He reassured me it was required and that with the amount of pain (SEVER PAIN) and difficulty he was having it needed to be done ASAP.  So we made arrangements and prepared for a surgery the next day.  James of course got off work then and headed our way.

We get to Cooks Children's where a close friend of mine's mother happens to work and was in the day surgery dept that day.  She took awesome care of us.  She reassured us we had the best doctor and that while it's a big deal because it's OUR baby, it's really not a big deal... it would be quick, easy, and he'd be good to go.  The staff at Cook's is amazing.  Jack never even knew were there for anything but having fun.  They have an awesome play room for while we were waiting.. Nelson even got to play an ipod touch and the wii.  Jack got to pick cotton candy for the scent of his mask, he drank giggle juice (verced) to make him so happy he didn't care when they wheeled him away, and he was fed as many popsicles as he could stand when he woke up.  Cook's has this easing parents mind and keeping kids from being scared thing down to a science. 

While we were completely absorbed with what was going on with us throughout this process we were quickly reminded how blessed we are when we went in to the recovery room to see Jack.  We couldn't help but thank God right then and there for this minor surgery Jack had to have... for the complete health we have been blessed with... for outstanding facilities for all the other kids that were there for much bigger reasons.  The recovery room was not private, or even semi-private.  There were about 20 beds barely divided by a curtain. A couple of kids were like Jack... there for minor day surgery... but was painfully obvious that many were not.

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