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Monday, February 6, 2012

Toddler Love

If you've raised a child through toddlerhood you know how that some days you are just trying to make it to bedtime without hurting someone....whether it be yourself, the toddler, or whoever has crossed the toddler sending him or her into tantrum city, meltdown mode, or whatever route of craziness your toddler takes. Mine isn't picky about which route he takes, when he takes it, or who all is watching.

Then there are other times like this morning that make me almost forget about those crazy moments. A quick trip to the Family Dollar to pick up dishwashing detergent after dropping the two big boys off at school ended with my heart bursting with love and joy to be the mommy of this toddler. I let him walk the store instead of riding in the buggy and you would have thought he had never seen anything on the shelves of the FD before. He was in awe. Looking at everything and his sweetest voice repeated, "Look Mommy!" at each thing we passed by. I wish I had a recording for you to listen too. It was precious! Look is drawn out and Mommy is high pitched.... full of excitement. Sweet. Joyous. All over the $6 shoes, batteries, cookie sheets, etc. that were on his level. He also saw a toy tool set that I could not resist buying for him. He told the cashier all about the tools he was going to "fix it" with.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play with my toddler before he switches to crazy mode. ;)

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  1. Beautiful! It's those moments that you'll treasure...and remind him of when there is a not-so-good moment in Family Dollar. ;)