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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Read This Really Fast and

You'll see how my mind has been going....

We want to sell our house but stay in this school district. We want to sell our house and get a house on land. The house we want has an offer on it. We want to just get land and build later. The banks are CRAZY when it comes to financing land only. We like the house over there but it has no land. Okay, how about this house and land... great deal but not in our school district. Suddenly the idea of leaving this area is an option. This house and land in this other school district look great. We should check it out. This house and land is an amazing price but needs lots of work. But we don't want a project house. But the land alone is worth what they are asking. Sitting on the front porch ... our lovely big front porch.... with the kids... suddenly staying here seems good.... But we need outdoor space to play. And a garden to grow our own yummy food. And room for the boys to have animals for 4-H or FFA....and animals to raise for our food. And chickens. And ... if we move to a school district that we don't care for, that's okay, I can homeschool. I want to homeschool anyway. But then we'll be away from our friends and church that we have grown so close to. But not that far away so it's not like we wouldn't see them all again. But we love this community. Why are we even thinking about it. Our house is not sold so we can't do anything anyway. But we should looks so if we get a good offer we'll have some choices in mind. But then we get our hopes up. Please let this house/land that is/n't in our school district still be for sale when we get a contract on our house. I know I know... I am not suppose to be worrying about anything. It's in your hands, Lord.

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