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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Responsibility Charts

I've been struggling with keeping the boys on task with their responsibilities. Some of you may call these chores but that sounds negative to me and something they might expect to get paid for. There are some things we consider extra that our kids will be paid to do but no automatic allowance for existing or for doing your fair share.... Sorry, this is not suppose to be about my opinions on allowance and chores... But a craft project I did to help keep everyone on track!

I saw a project using a wooden door hanger and clothes pins with chores on pinterest. Then I saw a friend of mine using modpodge and scrapbook paper on clipboards. I then had an "ah ha!" moment. I kinda came up with someone, sort of almost on my own. Okay, so not really on my own but I did combine these to projects into one and made something that's totally cute and totally functional. And easy to use! Basic clipboards you can find at the dollar store, a bag of clothespins, scrapbook paper, stickers, and mod podge are all you need. Oh, and a marker. The clipboard is decorated. Responsibilities are written on the clothspins and clipped to one side under "to do" and as they are completed they move the pins to the other side. The pins that stay on the boards are things they are responsible for daily. Then on Mom's clipboard are things that are done weekly and they take turns. Whenever it's time for onen of them to be done, I add it to the board of whoever's turn it is. the clip on the clipboard will hold a bible verse that I print out each week that they will be responsible for memorizing. I haven't yet but I will be hanging these on the wall near their beds.

My little guy can't read so I need to add pictures to his somehow. I'm thinking a cookie sheet modpodged with pictures of his bed, toys, and teeth with magnetic check marks would have been a better way to go with him but for now we'll just do clipboard and I'll help. :)

If you're wondering what responsibilities I have for each of them, here is the list:
Make Bed, Pick up toys, brush teeth, bible verse - those are for all ages. The two oldest also have straighten desk and daily devotional. One of the oldest is in charge of keeping the trash taken out and the other takes care of the dog. The extra things I'll add once a week include one or more of the following (the oldest 2 only): Mow, pick up yard, clean boys bathroom, sweep, dust. All ages also put up their own laundry, and sometimes fold it, as needed but there is no clothespin for that. :)

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