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Saturday, August 4, 2012

You My Best Fren

I'm not sure where Jack learned what best friend meant but everytime Henry does anything remotely nice to/for him, Jack says, "Henry, you my best fren" and gives him a big ole hug!  It is precious! 

Yesterday I let Jack go play in the back yard by himself.  He came in without his pants, underwear, or shoes on and had mud up to his knees.  I cleaned him up and he played inside for a little while.  He wanted to play out again a little while later so I told him he could as long as he didn't take his shoes or pants off and didn't turn the water on.  He said, "Yes ma'am, Mommy" and was on his way.  He came back in shortly....looking exactly the same as he had the first time!  Bath #2 and tears because he was NOT going back outside the rest of the day.

Fast forward to this morning.  "Mommy, can I PUWEEZE go outside?" 
"No, I can't go with you right now and I don't want  you getting muddy.  We are going to the store in just a bit."
"Pweeze, Mommy?!"
"Can you obey me if I let you go outside?"
"Yes!  Yes, mommy! You my best fren!"  (aaawww...)
"Okay, but you MUST leave your pants, underwear, and shoes on."
"Yes ma'am, Mommy."
"Do not turn on the water faucet."
"Yes ma'am, Mommy."
"Do not play in the dog's water bowl."
"Yes ma'am, Mommy."
"You can't play in any mud while you're out there."
"Yes ma'am, Mommy!
"Okay, if you can stay out of the water and mud and keep your pants and shoes on, you may go outside."
"Thank you, Mommy! You my best fren!" (jumping with joy)

15 minutes later in walks a little boy covered in mud. Shoes are soaked but hey, he didn't take off any clothes.  Before I say anything he starts saying "Sorry, mommy."  Little stinker!! :)