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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 5 Read-Aloud: Lawn Boy

I've decided it's time to add in a little more school. Sonlight offers a 4-day and a 5-day program.  We chose the 5-day program for no particular reason.  (remember Sonlight is our core - history/geography, Bible, reading/language arts) 

We have read-alouds that tie in with our history and give us vocabulary to learn.  Read-aloud just means that I will read them outloud to the boys or have them read outloud to each other while I listen in.  For day 5 each week the read-aloud is not the same as what we will have been reading all week and does not tie in with history (at least not for the first couple of weeks - that's as far as I've looked) but does open discussion and have vocabulary to learn.  We are going to go ahead and start on the day 5 read-aloud books so that we'll have room to be flexible if things get hairy when we start our full load this fall. 

The book we'll be reading first is Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen.  It's only 88 pages so could easily be finished off by either boy in one day but we're going to take it slow and read it as scheduled. I want us to take time to learn and discuss the vocabulary presented.  A description from the back of the book says, "Gary Paulsen's comic story about a summer job becomes a slapstick lesson in business as one boy turns a mountain of grass into a mountain of cash." Basically, it's about a 12 year old boy who decides to mow lawns and according to the notes in my lesson plan, it is a "fascinating look at economics, capitalism, money management wrapped up in a (mostly) believable compelling story."

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