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Monday, October 17, 2011

Baseball & Anniversary

First things first: I am a huge Rangers fan. So are the 5 boys. Yes, even the 4 month old. He and the 2 year old went to their first games at 2 months old. My 7 year old was closer to 1 and my 9 year old was a couple of years old. Needless to say, we go to a lot of games and we always take ALL the kids. It's great, clean, family fun. It helps that it's one sport that I actually know the rules to. Football... I know what a touchdown and a field goal is and that is it!

Back to baseball. There is something about hearing the bat crack against the ball, hearing the crowd cheer, seeing everyone (especially my boys) raise their gloves in hopes to catch that flying ball, that makes my heart smile. I love it. I also love watching mine play ball. We are in fall baseball right now and there is only 1 Saturday of games left. For the first, and probably last, time they are on the same team. It's really been a joy to watch them play together.

So, after their games this past Saturday, my husband and I drove the boys to Arlington and met my aunt and cousin. They took the boys home with them so we could..... GO WATCH OUR RANGERS WIN! That's right! We were at THE game. The 2011 ALCS Champs! Go Rangers! The energy in the crowd was awesome. The 3rd inning was SUPER awesome. The whole experience was just AWESOME! Have I said AWESOME enough yet? It was a blast. The best game ever. And a wonderful way to spend our 11 year anniversary together. It was one big party. You know what else was awesome? I slept like a rock the entire night for the first time in over a year. Wait, there's more. I got to sleep in for the first time in over a year. AND... it gets better. I was brought breakfast in bed by my husband for the first time.... ever. Instead of a fancy lunch date or massage or any other "grown up" activities we spent the rest of our date acting like kids again. Putt-putt miniature golf, batting cages - I totally surprised us both at how well I hit the ball, and the arcade. I loved the Dance Revolution game and was thrilled that James got up there and danced with me. It was fun!

Today we are back to reality. Work for the husband. School for the oldest two. Laundry and sock hunting for me. Naps, cartoons, and playtime for the littles. <3

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