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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


There's really not much to accessorizing for boys. It's not like with girls. No bows or frilly socks to match the applique on the shirt and nail polish. With boys its more like a couple pairs of shoes that match about everything, two belts that match everything. And no nail polish.... unless your a toddler and your bff is a 3 year old girl who got nail polish for her birthday. And daddy's at work so he can't say no. Anyway, accessorizing has been pretty boring until baby #4. He's in cloth diapers (there's a first time for everything!) and they are CUTE. I never want to hide them under pants so I do what I can to find shirts that are NOT onesies to wear with his diaper as an outfit. And now... now I have found BabyLegs. So even though it's cooling off outside, he can wear leg warmers with his diaper and cute matching socks instead of pants. Fun stuff! And seriously. They're cute. Have you seen "modern" cloth diapers? They come in all kinds of patterns and styles... not the diapers your grandma used. So now I get to have fun accessorizing someone! I just have to be careful since we chose cloth diapering this time around to save money. ;)

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