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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Consistently Inconsistent

That is what I would use to describe my blogging!  And my menu planning.  Things have gotten out of hand, friends!  I have not planned a menu since... well, the last one I posted here.  I don't even think I followed that one.  I really am going to get back to doing that and hopefully stick with it since it really does help!  I will get back to it as soon as baseball season is over and life slows down. 

Nothing new and exciting has happened lately.  We are just doing our usual, playing, reading, visiting friends, playing baseball, practicing baseball, reading, and playing.  Did I mention baseball?  And playing?  Oh, and laundry! 

We are also decluttering the house in preparation for putting it on the market.  It's taking a lot more effort than I expected.  I don't know where all this stuff came from.  Or why we still have it hidden in closets and under beds.  Wow.  We have only lived here for about 5 years and already we are busting out of the seams!  That is coming to an end now!  We have gotten rid of old toys, I have boxed up old clothes that no one is wearing... I can't decide if I should jsut give them away or keep holding on to them until Jack is old enough to wear them.  There is a five year gap between he and Henry.  Maybe I should just buy for Jack so I'm not hoarding clothes for 4 years just waiting... Anyway, we have lots of books too.  And it's the same deal as the clothes... I am holding on to books so Jack and Kash can read them even though Nelson and Henry have outgrown them. I think that is okay though.  I do want a library in my new house.  Not that it will happen but at least one wall of bookshelves in an office or schoolroom.  We're also deep cleaning which is embarrassing me.  I don't know how I let the house get this grimey.  The good news is, I have had one of the four be particularly naughty lately so he has been working off his bad attitude while getting to know the baseboards.  I have never been more excited for one of my kids to misbehave! Haha! 

I had planned on getting started on our summer session soon but we are just going to play it by ear.  We are keeping busy and no one has dared to utter the b-word (bored) yet so we'll just keep going like we're going. We DO have to get started by mid summer though since we are off most of September. 

Soooo.. that's my rambling update for now!  I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far!  I'd love to hear what you're up to! 

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