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Sunday, May 19, 2013

School Calendar!

The boys are taking it easy today and the two little ones are playing nicely so I am getting our school calendar planned out.  I can really only do now through the end of 2013 since we won't know until January what the husband's vacation will be.  As of now, our OFFICIAL school year will start July 29th and end May 30th.  That includes 3 weeks off in September, 2 weeks off at Thanksgiving, 3 weeks off for Christmas, and an undecided week off for spring break.  I've also looked up all the one day student holidays our local school district has and written them off our calendar as well so if the opportunity arises, they can spend some time with their friends.  If not, we'll work those days, too.  I anticipate that we'll do some school time in June and earlier in July, too, when the boys get bored or complain about it being too hot.  I would like for us to be year round but I really want to be flexible during the summer months.  Any weeks we do before the official start day will get taken off later in the school year whenever James gets time off.  We just need to be flexible for his vacation time and still get a minimum of 36 weeks of school time in. 

I am really enjoying the Debra Bell Ultimate Homeschool Planner!  It is really making it easy to see the year at once and get everything planned out. 

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