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Thursday, August 8, 2013

School, Facebook, and the House

We started school full time this week and it's going surprisingly well. I was worried since we aren't sharing curriculum (last year they shared core D) like we did before.  Nelson is in Sonlight Core F and Henry is doing B+C.  So far they are both very excited about the history and science they are learning.  Nelson is enjoying math, too.  He likes that is challenging. 

We have plans to get a saxophone for Nelson to start music.  We are also considering fall baseball for him.  Henry is registered for fall soccer already.  I wish we could get both sports in the same town so I could easily let them do both. 

I have been off Facebook for a week and... I am so disconnected.  I knew that it was too heavily relied on to keep in touch with others but I had no idea how bad it had gotten.

We are still working on house stuff and James is working way too much overtime so it's been stressful around here.  Like, make me emotional, keep me up at night stressful.  James has vacation coming up in a month so it will soon be better!! 

I guess that's it.  I will update again soon.  Happy Friday to You!

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