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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nelson's Birth Story

We were due with our 1st on March 30th, 2002. I had the typical morning sickness which I first thought was a stomach bug. It wasn't just in the mornings but it didn't last long and the rest of the pregnancy was a breeze. I gained just the right amount of weight even though I ate a "snack" (a whataburger jr w/cheese & jalepenos) every day on my way home from work and a bowl of Blue Bell's Tin Roof (before they changed it up!!) every morning for breakfast. We found out we were having a boy and were so excited! This was our true heart's desire! Towards the very end of the pregnancy my blood pressure was a little elevated. Not high but "high" for me. I was also a little swollen so as a precaution I was put on bedrest. The due date came and went and I cried. I was ready to meet this precious baby. Too hold him in my arms. I'm not gonna lie, I was also ready to get off bedrest and not be pregnant anymore! On April 9th I went in and had prostin applied to my cervix to get things ripened up so they could induce me on the 11th. Yes, you did read correctly above where my due date was March 30th! Nothing exciting happened and they sent me home to my mom's. We were staying with her because it was closer to the hospital and my doctor. A couple hours later I started having regular contractions every 3 minutes. Called the doctor and went to the hospital. I was monitored and walked the halls and after a while everything stopped and we went back home. The next day James and I made last minute preperations. We spent the evening at my aunt's house watching the Rangers play. I was having contractions but nothing significant. We went back to my moms to get some sleep and finish the Rangers game which went into overtime. My contractions were progressing but weren't any worse than when they sent me home so I didn't say anything. Then I couldn't get comfortable and kept getting out of bed pacing. I didn't realize it but my sweet mom was up too keeping an eye on me. Even though I didn't tell her what was going on, she knew. She too was so excited.... her first grandbaby would be here in the next day or so. Anyway, I was up and down all night. I went to the restroom around 1:00 a.m. It was the 11th and I was scheduled to be induced in a few hours. Well this baby decided he wasn't waiting for an induction. My water broke but I thought, nah, that was just my bladder. Ha! I got back in bed and immediately felt another gush and realized that it was not my bladder! I got James up and we loaded up and headed to the hospital. My mom followe up later after we got checked in. So the drive to the hospital went something like this. James: Are you okay?
Kassy: Yes. It's just like it was last night when they sent me home.
Kassy: Oh. That doesn't feel good.
James: Are you okay?
Kassy: Drive a little faster.
James: I'm going as fast as I can.
And we were there. LOL! It got so painful so quickly after my water broke. I was shocked and upset that I wasn't dilated past a 2 yet. I labored for a little while longer and got and epidural as soon as they would allow it. I will have to look up his time of birth ... I can't remember exactly which is his but it was either 1:something or 3:something p.m. Whenever it was, 2 hours before that I was fully dilated and ready to push. My epidural worked perfectly. I was able to get a good nap. I had pressure with the contractions but no pain. I had the urge to push. All good things. So I pushed. And pushed. And pushed some more. James and my mom were there supporting me. When it got close to 2 hours my doctor started talking about the possibility of this not working out like I had hoped. She said that word I didn't want to hear: C-section. Nothing like that to get me even more motivated to push that boy O-U-T! A few more pushes and she decided his sholders might be getting stuck (sholder dystocia) so she called for a vacuum and another doctor to come in and assist. He ended up being delivered without the vacuum 2 hours after pushing had started. He was AMAZING! Lots of long dark hair. A sweet face that was mushed and bruised. A conehead. Broad sholdered. Barrel chested. And he was PERFECT. Healthy, beautiful, a chunky 8 lbs 4 oz (did I mention I am only 5'2" so that is a big baby!), sweet sweet sweet. I couldn't get enough of him!! We all cried. Everyone rushed in as soon as they were allowed to. He was welcomed by so many people that loved him. He changed my life forever.

I am still amazed by him every day. Mostly because he is so smart and kind. He has such a tender heart. Still beautiful. Yes I can say that, I AM his mother. And because he loves God and his family so much. And sometimes it's because he is so much like me. We look alike. We act alike... which isn't always the best thing and causes us to butt heads... but he has taught me a lot about myself which I am greatful for! I am so blessed to be his Mom.

Happy Birthday Nelson! I know you have been my guinea pig and I haven't always done things exactly right but I love you and I always will!

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