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Sunday, January 27, 2013

You a good doctor, Momma.

Me:  How are you feeling, Jack?

Jack:  I don't know.

Me:  Well how does your head feel? 

Jack: (poking his head with his finger) Hard.

Me: Oh, okay.  How do your eyes feel?

Jack: (poking one of his eyes with his finger) It's soft.

Me: (laughing) Well what about your ear?

Jack: (pokes his finger in his ear) It still hurts, Momma. 

Me: Awe, I'm sorry.  Let's get some ear drops.

Jack: (after putting in the drops) You a good doctor, Momma. I don't need go to doctor office.

Poor little guy isn't feeling well today and has complained about head ache, ear ache, and his eyes are all puffy and watery.  I was checking on him a little while after medication and the above is how the conversation went.  Sweet little thing! 

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