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Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy in Connecticut

Today is a sad day... heartbreaking actually.  I have sat here in tears off and on today... snuggling my children on the couch.  It's unthinkable.  It's incomprehensible.  For someone to commit murder is hard enough for me to understand.  For someone to invade a kindergarten classroom and kill 18 beautiful, innocent, PRECIOUS children is... there is no word to describe it.  My heart aches for the familes of these 18 children as well as those of the adults who were senselessly killed in Newport, Connecticut today.  All I know to do is to thank God every second for my own children and their safety.  And to ask God to please find away to bring these families closer to Him and to comfort them and give them peace.  I can't imagine ever being able to feel comfort or peace after losing a child so tragically but if anyone can give that gift, it's our God. 

I want to address two statements I've seen multiple times in response to this event besides the outpour of love, concern, and prayers:

1.  This is why we need to increase gun control. 
2.  This  makes me want to homeschool. 

In response to guns.  Maybe it's where I'm from (Texas) but last time I checked, guns don't kill on their own.  Gun control does nothing to all the gun toting criminals out there.  It only leaves law abiding citizens helpless... or depending on what laws change, will make normally law abiding citizens in to "criminals."  Gun control would not have helped this.  Now, I don't think guns belong in schools but what if the principal was trained and allowed to carry protection (in a safe manor that keeps kids from having access)?  I'm not saying that's what I think should happen but it makes me wonder.  Or what if all schools had a full time police officer (or more depending on the size)? 

In response to homeschooling.  Physical safety was not on our list of reasons for choosing to homeschool our boys (who were previously public schooled).  While I am thankful school is one less place I have to worry about my kids, I also know that fear should not be the sole reason for choosing homeschool.  Unfortunately, this type of incident happens in all kinds of places our children should be safe... school, church, the mall, movie theaters, etc.  Look it up.  It's happened in all those places.  So if you make choices out of fear, you and your kids will miss out on lots of things.  Choosing homeschool or public school doesn't make you a better parent.  Neither options is right all the time for all people.  Choosing homeschool should not be done lightly or out of fear.

These are just my thoughts, my opinions, that I needed to get out. I hope and pray that we all learn something from this tragedy today even if it is just to not take tomorrow for granted. 

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