Photo by Chunky Monkey Photography

Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Garden: 3 Months

We have been enjoying our broccoli! Next year we will have to plant more. One harvesting is barely enough for one meal for us! We are amazed at how much better it is than store bought!
I believe the next thing we harvest will be cauliflower! Five of those plants have heads growing pretty good. Yum!

We also have one good head of cabbage going... I can't wait for some cabbage fried with bacon and garlic... mmmmm.....

What I'm MOST excited about are these little gems.... 
Can you see that?  Hold on... here's a close up...
Teeny, tiny, BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!  Yay!!



  1. Omg that cauliflower looks so yummy!!!

    1. Isn't it awesome?! It's the first time we've grown any of this stuff!

    2. Did you see the broccoli in the older post? Seriously the best broccoli EVER!