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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Is In the Air

I am loving this weather... this is the kind of weather I could live with year round. BUT, I am a fan of 4 distinct seasons also. Especially when having a good winter cuts down on the crazy amount of bugs. I am still holding out for a couple of good freezes.

Spring IS my favorite season. The temperatures are perfect. It's breezy. There are more chances of rain. Trees budding, flowers growing... life is new and fresh. AND... the kids get a week long break from school! Yay! We always try to do a mini vacation during spring break (like Sea World). This time we are thinking of heading up to Robbers Cave State Park in OK for a couple nights to semi-rough it.... you know, in a cabin. There are suppose to be lots of really good hiking trails here and some caves. We could all use some good outdoor time enjoying God's awesome creation!

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