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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rooftop Adventure

Adventurous is one word I've always been able to use to describe Henry also known as Duck Feather (his own creation). He is never afraid to explore the unknown...even if the unknown is a 20ft high rooftop. He and Hotshot were watching tv while I cooked supper and James and another fireman were hanging gutters on our newly purchased antique house. The next thing I know, James is carrying DuckFeather in to the kitchen. James is white as a ghost and DuckFeather is full of excitement. Apparently he had let himelf out of a livingroom window, found the ladder unattended and climbed right up! Like 20+ feet up! James was on the ground on the other side of the houseand the other man was on the roof. He spotted DuckFeather halfway up and called out for James. Knowing that he would just move faster if he thought someone was in pursuit, James just ran around to the ladder and caled out to him casually. Well that didn't work. DuckFeather sped up and was making thr transition from ladder to rooftop. James was quickly at his heels and the other man scooped him up as he RAN ACROSS THE ROOF! At his daddy's expense, he was having the time of his life. He told me all about it in the kitchen. "Momma! Up! Roof! Again?" Boys and their adventures...

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